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November 22 2017

so uh yeah sour_matt@mail.com stuffs........
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November 21 2017

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Not all heroes wear capes

The saga continues

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November 20 2017

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November 18 2017


November 17 2017

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19th Century Church Renovated With 21st Century Technology

Moment Factory, multimedia studio based in Canada, has transformed  Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica Church into an immersive installation, complete with sound, lighting, and projections that will teleport the visitors into a whole new world.

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Diesesmal gehe ich im Artikel Sparplan für Kryptowährungen auf meinen Krypto-Sparplan ein und wie ich Kraken nutze, um automatisch bei Kursschwankungen nach zu kaufen.

Getting as close as possible to certainty meant testing for every conceivable outcome. However, certain things couldn't be tested on the ground, like how the weightless environment of space would disturb air bubbles in the soldered joints on electronic circuits. So, equally important, was learning from every earlier mission.

NASA coders - as hardcore as it gets
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