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April 25 2017

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this is the sweetest thing my eyes have ever seen😱😭💕

like. please watch this video of sir patrick stewart adopting a pitbull 

😢 oh my god this is adorable

He references a technical talk about the Proof of Space concept. You'll find it here: Combining Proof of Space and Proof of Time - BPASE'17

I'm still not convinced that he offers a more robust and overall better alternative to Ethereums Proof of Stake or Hyperledgers State Machine Replication

In the end it depends a lot on the use case. IMHO the approach of how smart contracts are handled in the systems is more interesting. But maybe he is onto something.

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Video game titles created by a neural network trained on 146,000 games:

  • Conquestress (1981, Data East) (Arcade)
  • Deep Golf (1985, Siny Computer Entertainment) (MS-DOS)
  • Brain Robot Slam (1984, Gremlin Graphics) (Apple IIe)
  • King of Death 2: The Search of the Dog Space (2010, Capcom;Br�derbund Studios) (Windows)
  • Babble Imperium (1984, Paradox Interactive) (ZX Spectrum)
  • High Episode 2: Ghost Band (1984, Melbourne Team) (Apple IIe)
  • Spork Demo (?, ?) (VIC-20)
  • Alien Pro Baseball (1989, Square Enix) (Arcade)
  • Black Mario (1983, Softsice) (Linux/Unix)
  • Jort: The Shorching (1991, Destomat) (NES)
  • Battle for the Art of the Coast (1997, Jaleco) (GBC)
  • Soccer Dragon (1987, Ange Software) (Amstrad CPC)
  • Mutant Tycoon (2000, Konami) (GBC)
  • Bishoujo no Manager (2003, author) (Linux/Unix)
  • Macross Army (Defenders Ball House 2: League Alien) (1991, Bandai) (NES)
  • The Lost of the Sand Trades 2000 (1990, Sega) (SNES)
  • Pal Defense (1987, author) (Mac)

(part one, part two)

Spork Demo is either really innocuous or really violent.

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